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Your innovative HR solution

to eliminate Pay Gaps.


FAIR_solution helps you to understand and reduce potential inequalities and unfair treatment of your employees and thus improve your social sustainability.


FAIR_solution offers

FAIR_solution analyses your data and presents the results clearly and with graphics. So you always know how fair your company really is. As soon as you start the programme, you have access to all the daily updated results.


Complete and detailed analysis

FAIR_solution is a complete and precise software when it comes to understanding your HR data. The clear and detailed graphics show everything you need to know about possible unequal treatment of your employees.


Data-based options for action

You receive concrete, data-based options for improvement. With the integrated interactive options, you can also find out which measures are best suited to eliminating potential inequalities in your company. You can also customise these optimally to your needs


Instant report generation

Reports are created fully automatically, simply and quickly. You can receive all reports in accordance with legal requirements at the touch of a button.  You can also request customised reports. Our advanced tool also allows you to personalise the colour of the documents and add your own text.


Very high data security and easy operation

Your data are safe. Our server is located in Germany and our software fulfills all data protection requirements in accordance with the EU GDPR. We use only  DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and DIN ISO/IEC 27048 certified systems.


Deep-tech AI with supervised Machine learning

All analyses and functions are science-based, non-discriminatory algorithms within the framework of deep-tech AI.


Images for illustrative purposes


Comprehensive intersectional analysis

Simultaneous consideration

of different fields of action and diversity dimensions

FAIR_solution records all the correlations between various fields of action and several diversity dimensions.

This means you can be sure that you have taken all interdependencies into account.

Salary structure

Wages and salaries, collective agreements


Recruitment and selection, etc.

Working hours

full-time, part-time,
parental leave,  etc.

HR development

career opportunities,

further training etc.

Analysis of various diversity dimensions

Our software takes into account various diversity dimensions that can lead to discrimination.

This means you can keep an eye on all your employees equally –without difference.





Your advantages

Attractive employer branding

FAIR_solution can support you in distinguishing yourself as a fair, sustainable and socially responsible company. This makes you more interesting for customers, investors and new talents!

You save time, work and money

FAIR_solution provides you with automated reports in accordance with legal requirements, daily analyses of your employee data and company-specific options for action at the touch of a button, at any time. Your HR team can concentrate on the things for which people are essential.

More satisfaction, less turnover

You have a better understanding of your employees' situation and can increase their satisfaction in a targeted manner, as the data-based options for action identify specific and concrete opportunities for improvement.

Why you need FAIR_solution

Laws already in force

§§ AGG | §§ BetrVG | §§ EntgTransG  | §§FüPoG | §§BGleiG | §§ BGremGB

CSR-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz | Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz (Lieferkettengesetz)

Upcoming laws

Fair treatment of all employees, such as fair pay for women and men, is being regulated by law in more and more countries. Detailed reporting obligations are also relevant from June 2026 for companies in Germany in accordance with the EU Transparency Directive.

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Also good to know...



higher probability of above-average profitability.

Studies show that for companies promoting diversity and fairness have higher benefits. Fairness pays off.

McKinsey, "Diversity wins", 2020




Employees feel discriminated against on the basis of their gender, age, origin or disability.

Destatis, 2019

of leadership positions 

are occupied by men; accordingly, women only hold 29% of the power. Responsibility can also be shared more fairly.



Destatis, 2024

of part-time jobs are held by women,
while men only do 20% of part-time jobs. But this only applies to paid work. Women do 60% of the unpaid care work in the family.



Destatis, 2020 / BMFSFJ, 2020

Women earn less than men -

regardless of industry, qualifications or age. Even with identical jobs, there is still a salary difference of 6%.



Destatis, 2024

With FAIR_solution, improve your company's social sustainability

They trust us

Frauke Felix
Managing Director, PBW
Learning value: it is great.
I am enthusiastic about the complexity of the evaluations, the simple and clear presentation, and the possibility of gaining insights “at a glance”.

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