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Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQs)

  • What is FAIR_solution?
    FAIR_solution is a powerful tool that analyses your company’s HR data and gives you in-depth results on possible discrimination of all your employees. You will be able to see potential inequalities and take actions to eliminate them thanks to the Option for Actions feature. FAIR_solution offers also automatically generated reports, that can be used internally or for reporting to authorities.
  • Which reports are offered by FAIR_solution?
    FAIR_solution offers a range of editable/downloadable legal and general reports for all modules - Pay, Career, Working Time and Training.
  • Which languages are supported by the software?
    FAIR_solution can be used both in German or in English.
  • Does FAIR_solution provide only Pay Gap analysis?
    No. Along with Pay Gap, FS also provides Career Gap, Working time Gap and Training Gap. All these gaps are calculated not only for gender but also for disability, origin and age groups.
  • What is a Pay, Career, Working time and Training Gap?
    A Gap, being Pay, Career, Working Time or Training is the difference in salary, career level, working hours or training hours between two groups of employees. Usually a group would be advantaged over the other and it can be sometimes hard to see these disparities. FS tool can give you an in-depth understanding of the current state of your company.
  • Which companies can use FAIR_solution?
    Any company with at least 100 employees can use FAIR_solution.
  • My company is outside of Germany, can I still use FAIR_solution?
    Yes, FAIR_solution welcomes companies using the Euro currency worldwide. At present, our legal reporting services are tailored specifically for Germany.
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