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About Us

FAIR_solution is a software created by INES Analytics.

INES Analytics GmbH was founded in 2021 by Dr Tanja Schmidt and Dr Verena Tobsch as a spin-off from the Institute for Empirical Social and Economic Research (INES Berlin).

Dr. Tanja Schmidt is a qualified sociologist and earned her doctorate on the employment trajectories of women and men under the supervision of Professor Dr. Wenzel Matiaske for General Business Administration, with particular emphasis on Leadership and Labor Relations, at the Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg. Among other things, she was also Guest Professor for the social sciences with a focus on Economics and Gender Relations at the HWR Berlin. Her research focused on the life and employment trajectories of women and men, gender and gender regimes, women in leadership positions, gender pay gap, compatibility of work, and family, social and labor market policy and methods of quantitative empirical social research.

Dr. Verena Tobsch, Dipl. Kauffrau, received her doctorate from the Department of Social Economics at the University of Hamburg on the subject of “Working time preferences and workforce potential, specifically  on the balance between professional and family life”. She taught and researched quantitative economic research, statistics, and human resources management at various universities and research institutions in Germany, the UK, USA and Korea. Dr. Verena Tobsch worked on the development of labor markets and atypical forms of work, working conditions, equality for women, the compatibility of family and career, and basic social security. She  also qualified as a certified trainer at the IHK Berlin.

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